Pavan knows the problems and needs of builders, and does everything possible to find the right answer.
This is why the special Kit for Marmorino, Venetian stucco and lime putty was created – a professional kit to create real works of art, contained in a practical little case, which protects the artists’ tools like a precious coffer; tools which become jewels in the expert’s hands, recreating the antique art of marmorino.

With this kit the craftsman can give the utmost expression to his own special distinguishing and creative style, and can choose his tools with wooden or Sintesi rubber handles.
The case is divided inside in two compartments which hold a complete range of tools: spatulas for spreading and smoothing, putty knives, tempered steel scrapers, super-flexible small spatula, plastering trowels for polishing, spreading and smoothing, round tipped trowels, square tipped trowels and, to complete the offer, synthetic blade-cleaning fibre.

That’s not all though – artists love to sign their work and the Pavan case has a special space to hold the artist’s personal logo – his own personal signature.
Only an expert hand can create the splendid marmorino, stucco and polished lime finishes, but the expert must have a reliable tool to ensure the best result.