The Ancora brand by Pavan presents the new personalized kit for the application of marmorino and Venetian stucco.

An original toolcase, like a treasure coffer, contains all the jewels used by professionals in applying the ancient art of marmorino plaster. This is the most recent proposal from the Ancora brand by Pavan Ernesto & Figli.

The idea of using a handy toolcase was prompted by the need to contain safely and to protect the kit of specific tools required for the application of marmorino plaster and of the modern lime putty variety.

Infact professional plasterers know how important it is to protect the blade of their tools to guarantee the performance of trowels and spatulas in smoothing and polishing lime putty, marmorino and Venetian stucco.

In particular, the Ancora brand, thanks to its constant commitment to the needs of the end user, has produced a custom stainless steel trowel and spatula, two unique tools, ready to be used for the polishing of these ancient and splendid decorations (see pictures).

The Pavan toolcase, light yet sturdy, is very handy thanks to the protective extractable panels to which the tools are fastened to.

Pavan makes sure that plasterers have everything they need ready at hand: specific trowels and spatulas to apply, to smooth and to polish the plaster or Venetian lime, the wall scraper to eliminate imperfections, trowels to gather material and synthetic fibre for the cleaning and maintenance of the blade.

Well aware that each plasterer has his own special needs, the kit can be customized, both in the kind of handle, available in wood or in ergonomic “Sintesi” rubber, and in thickness and flexibility of the steel blade. On request, the name of the plasterer or a company logo can be inserted in a special plaque on the outside of the toolcase, measuring cm 3x10.

The complete kit is an ideal gift for a true professional, or better the gift every plasterer should treat himself to, as the undisputable quality of the Ancora brand by Pavan is synonymous with reliability and excellence in executing decorations.

Ancora brand products are manufactured by Pavan Ernesto & Figli, located in Arcade, just few kilometers from the historical town of Treviso, where the Pavan family began to produce farming tools and processing iron in their workshop in 1716, as documented.

The transformation into an industrial company took place after World War II, and has consolidated over three generations, allowing the company to achieve a leading position in the construction field in Italy and in foreign markets, predominantly European, but also America, Asia and e Oceania.

Pavan products individually undergo strict quality controls and are the expression of a production philosophy unerringly geared to satisfy the needs of professionals.


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